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Licensed Massage Therapy Continuing Education Online

We know you’ve been looking out for Licensed Massage Therapy Continuing Education online— that’s exactly what LMTce stands for! We aim to help you achieve your dream massage career with some of the best online massage courses specially designed by well-known instructors.

There’s an interesting story behind our origin. LMTce was born in 2009 when a massage therapist realized that a huge void existed for professionals who wanted to pursue continuing knowledge to enhance their massage practice anywhere anytime.

Thus was born LMTce with the ultimate goal of making continuing education accessible to everyone. Professionals could now learn the essential stress management skills from renowned experts and practitioners all while practicing themselves.

LMTce forever transformed the massage therapy career outlook through their path-breaking massage therapy CEU courses online. We’ve never looked back. The rest, they say, is history!

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Why LMTce: What We Stand For!

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  • L—Learn from our incredible online massage courses
  • M—Master a diverse set of topics from business strategies to networking skills
  • T—Triumph fulfilling massage therapy continuing education requirements
  • C—Celebrate a prosperous massage career
  • E—Excel in your practice and pursue your dream

I have created expansions of each of the letters in LMTce to create a unique branding for the website while also explaining the main key points and offerings. Thus, this serves two purposes simultaneously:

We have explained the salient features of our platform in bullet points

We have also created a unique branding for the LMTce portal so people remember the brand name and keep returning to it one course after another

Meet Your Instructors!

Who creates the amazing online massage courses on LMTce? Meet the instructors who make all the magic happen. Our courses leverage the expertise of some of the most respected professionals in the massage industry who are here to share their success mantra with you. Needless to say, a successful massage career is just a course away with LMTce. Let us introduce you to some of the most renowned instructors on our platform and the rich expertise each one of them brings:

  • Brian Mulhall Brian Mulhall
  • Django Sanders Django Sanders
  • Felicia Brown Falicia Brown
  • Kathryn Merrow Kathryn Merrow
  • Laura Allen small Laura Allen

Brian Mulhall

Dr. Mulhall received his first Bachelor of Science degree from Eastern Illinois University in Pre-Medical Studies in 1997. He received his second Bachelor of Science degree in Human Biology in 1999 and his Doctorate of Chiropractic in 2001 from National University of Health Sciences in Lombard, Illinois. After graduation Dr. Mulhall has constantly continued his education by obtaining an ever growing list of additional certifications, diagnostic tools and therapy techniques. Dr. Mulhall has also designed and presented numerous continuing education seminars/lectures for Massage Therapists and continues to present Injury Prevention and Biomechanical Seminars for local athletic clubs, businesses, and triathlon and half-marathon/ marathon training groups. Dr. Mulhall enjoys spending his time studying new therapies and research, weight training and staying home with his wife and their two young boys.

Django Sanders

A Massage Therapist since 1984.  His influences are Sports Massage, Orthopedic Massage, Myofascial Release and Deep pressure techniques.  He also have techniques in Structural Integration He is also an instructor and am Nationally Certified as well as State of Texas Certified to teach Continuing Education.

Felicia Brown

Felicia Brown, LMBT is the owner of Spalutions,  a firm that provides business and marketing education, coaching and consultation for massage, spa and wellness professionals as well as Expert Witness services for legal cases in those industries.  She is also the owner of A to Zen Massage, a wellness spa in Greensboro, NC, a Certified Guerrilla Marketing Coach and NCBTMB/FL/GA Approved Provider.

Kathryn Merrow

Author Kathryn Merrow is a Pain Relief Specialist who has provided well over 25,000 manual therapy sessions primarily for people in pain. In addition to all of those clients, she also learned how to correct her own painful conditions--including scoliosis and migraine headaches--and has accumulated a lot of knowledge that she freely shares. Kathryn feels fortunate that she had excellent instruction from geniuses in the field of natural pain relief that many people do not access. She enjoys sharing their information. When she writes, she can 'get her hands on' many more people than when she treats one at a time. Kathryn uses simple, easy to understand language to help you discover why you hurt. She also explains the simple steps to get rid of your pain naturally. Kathryn says: "When you understand the real reasons for your pain, you will understand how to get rid of your pain, naturally. Your body follows natural laws as all bodies do. Muscles and soft tissues are the primary and most overlooked causes of physical pain. When your body hurts, there is a reason. Let's get rid of the reason. I don't know everything but I know a lot. I'm not a doctor but I understand how bodies get into pain and how to feel better naturally."

Laura Allen

Laura Allen is the Massage Division Director of Soothing Touch, a manufacturer of products for massage, spa, and the natural food industries. A licensed massage therapist, she is the author of five massage therapy books published by Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, several other self-published books, numerous magazine articles, and has been an in-demand instructor of continuing education for massage therapists since 2000. Allen resides in Western North Carolina with her husband Champ, also a licensed massage therapist.

  • Earn CE Learning Credits On The Job
  • LMTce’s Commitment to YOU

Earn CE Learning Credits On The Job

Complete your CE hours in a seamless and engaging way while actually enriching your practice with great tips, ideas, and strategies from people who know it best. LMTce fires the creative engine to set ideas rolling! Stop procrastinating and start living your dream with LMTce which makes continuous education easy. You can access our online massage courses from any device: even your smartphone will do.

LMTce’s Commitment to YOU

We are committed to helping every massage practitioner grow his massage career by learning something new every day. It’s a wonderful journey where the learning fun never stops! Build a rock-solid foundation for your business and know how to keep getting clients through the door with LMTce’s specially designed online massage courses.

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