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Massage therapy is a booming industry for those who are interested in working with alternative techniques for treatments. Many forms of massage therapy exists and it goes without saying that there is no real way to pinpoint which technique is the number one most effective, since the needs of customers are all so different. What works for one person may not necessarily be the best method to apply to another. With that said, it is important to have a wide range of techniques mastered even as a newbie to the massage therapy scene. At the very least, gaining knowledge of what basic techniques and the tools necessary to the best job is a good first step to getting your foot in the door in this exciting industry.

Tool of the Trade

There are a few key things that anyone who is hoping to run their own business or work for an already established business should already know. Right off the bat, the number one rule is to never come unprepared. What tools you will need depends on the type of massage you are going to perform. Certain types of massages require their own special tools. A hot stone massage, for example, is explained right in its name. With this type of massage, you will need the right types of stones and a warmer. On the other hand, if you were performing something exotic like a Thai massage, then your tools would likely comprise of an herbal ball and a kneeling mat. Getting to know the different types of massage therapies will make you more informed on what types of tools you will need to invest in

Basic Forms of Massage

Part of getting to know what massage therapy basics you will need to tackle is trying them out on your own. A Swedish massage is the most common and basic type of back massage, for example. This type of massage is perfect for those who are just starting out. That applies to both the massage therapist and the customer who is new to massage therapy. Kneading and long strokes are used to work out tension in the back using this simple technique. Another common type of massage is the deep tissue massage. This is one that a lot of people will seek out a specialist to perform. It is not too advanced of a technique that is scares off less adventurous types, while also providing a more advanced form of stress relief via firm pressure and shorter strokes than the Swedish massage. Never underestimate the power of a deep tissue massage. It is considered popular for a reason, since it is the perfect remedy for those who have a repetitive issue with aching pain from conditions or a previous injury.

Advanced Forms of Massage

Once you have worked on the more basic forms of massage and feel comfortable with the techniques therein, you may consider branching out to more advanced forms of massage therapy. Trigger Point Therapy is likely the next step in massage therapy basics before you step into the realm of mastery. What this form of massage does is pinpoint specific areas of the greatest tension, known as knots, and applying pressure to this point in the muscle until it has been worked out. As you are experimenting with the earlier forms of massage therapy, you will come across knots of all kinds and in all areas of the back. The previous forms of therapy differ from Trigger Point Therapy, since those forms sort of work over these knots as you massage the back as a whole. Trigger Point Therapy concentrates on these areas consistently until they have been worked out well enough to relieve discomfort in a patient. Once you have been working with these techniques for a while, you will learn how to integrate a mix of each.

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