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Having a career in massage therapy can be a rewarded experience. The key to making your massage career successful is knowing how you should best market yourself to prospective clients. If you want to take your career to the next level, here are some time-tested marketing strategies you should be using. 

– Build a Website

The best way to start marketing your massage therapy business is to set up your own website. This may seem like a daunting task, but you can easily find experts to help you with the technical aspects of the setup. What you will need to focus on is what content you want to provide to your audience.  
While every massage therapist will want something a little different, information that you must include on your website is the basic information about your business, how a person can set up an appointment and a little about you so that your new clients can get an idea of who you are. You can also add photos, videos and reviews to your website so that even before they book an appointment, a client can get a sense of how knowledgeable and helpful you will be when they set up an appointment.

– Utilize Social Media

Social media gives you the opportunity to reach many people at once, and the best part about it is that you can reach this audience without having to pay for ads if you have a small marketing budget. Social media is great for those who not only want to advertise their massage therapy business, but also want to find meaningful connections with a community. Massage therapists will need to go beyond simple ads and provide informative, entertaining content so that both new and existing clients will want to continue to follow your account.  
Social media also makes it very easy to concentrate your marketing efforts on a local audience. That way, you aren’t wasting your time advertising to someone who doesn’t live within a reasonable distance from your business.

– Don’t Forget Print

As much as the world is connected online, there are still people who appreciate that personal touch. You can do this by providing printed marketing materials, such as business cards, brochures and fliers for your neighborhood. This is often the best marketing tactic when you want to exclusively target a smaller local audience. This type of marketing can cost more than online options, so it is best to do some research about the types of print marketing your audience will respond to best.

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Make Recommendations Favorable

The last marketing strategy that will work well for your massage career is to give people a reason to recommend your services. This utilizes your existing client base and can boost your client list with just a little incentive. Often, word of mouth marketing is more believable to potential clients. If you want your existing clients to recommend and review your services, you can provide them with a discount on their next session, or you can go beyond your existing client and also give the people who were recommended a first-time discount as well.  
Along with these marketing strategies, it is important for massage professionals to make sure their license is current. The best way you can make sure you are keeping up with licensing and current industry trends is to complete courses through LMTce. Not only will these courses allow you to continue working, they are also a great way to show our prospective clients that you are a responsible professional in your industry.

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