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Who are we? You probably guessed “LMTce” is an acronym for Licensed Massage Therapy Continuing Education. And hopefully after viewing this website you get the idea that we want you to have an enjoyable experience while learning essential skills.

Why are we here? Simple. Napoleon Hill once said: “The way of success is the way of continuous pursuit of knowledge.” LMTce was created back in 2009 by a massage therapist who asked one question: “How awesome would it be if massage professionals could pursue this continuing knowledge any place, anytime?” After LMTce was created we took the question one step further and asked: “What if massage professionals could earn their required continuing education credits learning the very success skills that helped countless other professionals create thriving, prosperous practices?” That is the sole reason we are here: To help you Succeed Where You Knead!

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LMTce was created to help you attain your required CE hours effortlessly while also being a 1-stop shop for ideas, advice, and solutions designed to send your imagination
in unexpected directions to create
your dream practice!


To help you achieve your mission. Our aim is to help Massage Professionals all over the country attain their continuing education hours learning to build solid,
prosperous, thriving practices.
If you succeed, we succeed!

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Years Educating Online

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Courses Taken

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Hours Taught

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Certificates Given


Some of Our Teachers

The panel of expertise we tapped to create these beneficial courses represents some of the most respected minds in the profession. We are grateful for their knowledge and willingness to help you achieve the success you richly deserve. Below is a sample of our teachers:

Sandy Fritz

Owner, Director, and Head Educator of the Health Enrichment Center, Inc., School of Therapeutic Massage. Having been in private practice for 30 years, she deals with everything from stress management massage to physician-referred rehabilitative care.

Felicia Brown

Owner of Spalutions! and provides business and marketing coaching for massage, spa and wellness professionals. Numerous national awards winner, she is passionate about inspiring others and sharing her knowledge and experience.

Brian Mulhall

Dr. Mulhall founded Active Spine & Sport Therapy, Ft Worth. McKenzie Mechanical Diagnosis certified and Elite Provider in Active Release Techniques (ART) - an honor shared by few practitioners in the country. Studied under esteemed Dr. Michael Leahy.