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So, You Want to be a Teacher | 4 CE Contact Hours

This is an introductory class for those who desire to teach massage, as an instructor in entry-level massage school, as an online educator, a CE provider, or as a community educator. It takes more than being a good massage therapist to be a good instructor. You'll get all kinds of tips for creating a teaching experience that will benefit both you and your students.


Using Research to Market Your Massage Therapy Practice | 3 CE Contact Hours

Do you know the difference in valid research and website hype? Learn basic concepts of research literacy and applying that to benefit your practice. Many people are intimidated by the word "research." For some, it conjures up memories of how they hated writing research papers in school, maybe missing a deadline or getting a bad grade. This course explains things in plain English, and will assist any massage therapist in having a better grasp of the principles behind scientific research. Research in the field of massage can only add to professional credibility and enhance our standing among other healthcare professionals. Wouldn't it be nice to see massage therapists on staff in every hospital? Yes, it would!


Intake Protocols and SOAP Charting for Medical Massage | 3 CE Contact Hours

At the conclusion of this class, the learner will be able to demonstrate the ability to restate in their own words the elements of SOAP charting and create professional SOAP notes that will meet the expectations of referring physicians, other healthcare providers, and insurance companies (for those who are billing insurance or providing them to the client for reimbursement). The learner will demonstrate the ability to provide correct supporting documentation and will also be able to recognize content that is unacceptable for professional SOAP charting.


The Educated Heart: Roles & Boundaries | 3 CE Contact Hours

Most Ethics classes focus on the boundaries of the client, which we are of course obligated to honor. This 3-CE Credit Hour interactive class focuses on the boundaries of the therapist, and how honoring those preserves our own sense of self-worth, dignity, and keeps confusion and resentment out of our practice of massage. Short videos of common dilemmas are presented, with attendees considering reacting in different ways. The best way to handle problems in the massage room is to prevent them, and this class is great preparation for that.

Massage Therapy For The Cancer Patient

The Ethics of Working With People With Cancer | 1.5 CE Contact Hours

Our clients who are dealing with cancer or other life-threatening illnesses, as well as their caregivers, require that we pay special attention not only to our practice of massage therapy but also to the Code of Ethics. At the conclusion of this class, the learner will be able to - Identify special ethical pitfalls and considerations concerning the care of seriously ill clients. And implement strategies for ensuring safe and ethical practice for clients with cancer and other serious health issues.


Massage Enhancements Your Clients Will Love | 6 CE Contact Hours

Massage enhancements are mini spa services designed to enhance your clients massage experience, provide a variety of added benefits for your clients, and increase your income! Some massage enhancements can be added seamlessly into your client’s regular massage time and some will add
a few minutes to the total service time. Which ones you choose to offer will
depend on how you book your services.

Perfectly Booked Ten Days Gael Wood

Perfectly Booked Ten Day | 3 CE Contact Hours

Did you know that the most common reasons massage clients don’t come back to a massage therapist have nothing to do with the massage? It’s true! Usually it’s small details that were overlooked or they were simply not invited back. Don’t let your clients leave unhappy or wondering what they should do. You are the expert!


Spa Masterclass | 3 CE Contact Hours

Add full-length spa services to your wellness practice. Even if you don’t currently run your own business, these services can help you land a better job, or earn more where you currently work. Imagine more variety in your day, giving your body a break from deep tissue massage, and bigger paychecks!
You may be thinking, that you’ve tried doing spa services, but nobody really books them! I know how you feel, and this can happen for several reasons. You may not be offering the right services for your clients, or you may need help with exactly how to position and SELL your spa services. Learn New Services, Create Your Plan, Implement & Grow Your Business!


Human Trafficking: Awareness for Texas Massage Therapists | 1 CE Contact Hour

At the conclusion of this course, the learner will be able to:
· Define the major forms of human trafficking
· Describe the concepts of force, fraud, and coercion within the context of human trafficking
· Differentiate between trafficking and smuggling
· Differentiate between sex trafficking and consensual sex work
· Restate the problems with data as it associates to human trafficking
· Discuss those populations who are vulnerable to human trafficking
· Discuss the characteristics of those who engage in human trafficking and their recruitment strategies
· Describe the physical, mental, and emotional health impact on human trafficking victims and the effect on their overall quality of life
· Discuss the components of a patient-centered approach to working with victims of human trafficking including response, methodology, and reporting obligations

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