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LMTce Founder - Raymond Pierre

Our Story

Raymond Pierre was born in Washington DC and raised in Texas. During the late 80's early 90's, Raymond became an ex- world class track and field athlete, turned fitness trainer, turned licensed massage therapist, and was one of the world's first creators of and advocates for massage therapy online continuing education.

It’s hard to believe now, but back in the early to mid-2000’s when the internet was just figuring itself out and bandwidth was speeding up, there was very little interest by state massage boards in approving online CE. Raymond recalled many backs and forth debates with the state board in Texas to even listen to his proposal for online continuing education. “It can only be taught live,” they said. “Internet doesn’t count,” they said. 

Finally in the late 2000’s, as these new things called “Smartphones” were exploding in popularity, the Texas regulators could no longer ignore the outcries from massage therapists and instructors from around the country, and online continuing education was approved. 

Thus, LMTce was born in 2009

  … it was an immediate success, and the rest is history. Today LMTce – a true pioneer – proudly helps industry experts from around the country deliver hundreds of thousands of hours of CE wisdom to eager students around the world, and Raymond Pierre helped blaze the trail. 

Lead Instructor


Laura Beth Allen LMT, NCTMB, LSHC

A licensed massage therapist, educator, and author of over a dozen books, including Nina McIntosh’s The Educated Heart

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I like the fact that it was so easy to take. I was actually taking it while I was at work and managed to do it at the same time
Rhawnie W.
Massage Professional
Useful! It was fast, efficient. Good value for your money. Allows therapists to work at their convenience with no loss of work time.
Fabriza M.
Massage Professional
Educational. Easy to navigate and understand. Well done and am happy with the overall experience
Frank C.
Massage Professional
It is well delivered, a great review and presents new information for my professional use. I liked it and will take it again
John C.
Massage Professional