A certificate of achievement is given for all online courses from LMTce.com, in accordance with the rules of the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, due to the requirement that you must pass a test in order to complete the course. Some state boards have limits regarding online education. Contact your state board if you have additional questions.

All courses and providers on LMTce.com are NCBTMB approved, which is recognized and accepted in most states. Some states require specific approval from their own state board for CE providers. Contact your state board if you have additional questions.

After completing the course, a beautiful certificate will be sent to you electronically which you can print out and frame if you wish. You will need to send that certificate to your State Board if they request it. If your State Board does not request it, keep it in a safe and accessible place for several years in case it is one day requested. Please contact your state board for further information on how and when to present your course completion certificate.

There are several ways to retrieve your certificate: Try searching your inbox for past emails from LMTce. You can also view and print all completion certificates by logging into your LMTce account. Finally you can contact us to retrieve it. A small fee may apply.

When you’re done with the course, your account remains intact. You may login anytime to view your completed courses. Completion information remains viewable in your account for a minimum of 4 years, in accordance with the rules of the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork. You are advised to save a copy of your certificate in the event you are ever audited by your state board. 

Your completion certificate will show the date the course was completed. If you completed the course beyond a crucial deadline, contact your state board. Most states require you to pay a late fee in the event your continuing education is not submitted by the renewal deadline, and in some cases, require you to suspend your practice until your renewal is validated. 

Courses must be completed in full. LMTce is not permitted to offer partial credit.  

You may sign up for multiple courses at a time, and even jump from course to course. However we are not able to provide partial credit. You can only receive credit after completing the exact hours specified for that course.

There is no limit to how many times you may enter or exit a course. other than a live massage continuing education class presented online. In the event LMTce is hosting a live presentation, you must be present for the entire time except during breaks scheduled by the instructor. Contact your state board if you have additional questions.

Yes. You may enter one course, complete part of it, exit, then enter a different course and complete part of that. As you exit, each course will remember where you left off.

If you take more than 1 year to complete a course, your enrollment in that course may be deleted from the system without refund.

Yes, you may log out and in as many times as you like from any computer with high speed internet.

Yes, there may be quizzes throughout the course and every course ends with a final test. A passing score for each quiz or test is required to complete the course. You will have unlimited tries to pass the test.

You will not be able to proceed beyond the test until you pass it. You’ll have unlimited opportunities to pass the test.

Once registered, you may sign up for as many courses as you wish anytime you wish. You can even sign up for additional courses while current courses are underway. Simply select “Sign Up” from the home page or from your personal dashboard while logged in.

The NCBTMB requires 12,000 written words to equal one hour of instruction, which is counted as 50 minutes allowing for a ten-minute break each hour. Some people read faster than others, and complete tests faster than others, so they may complete the course in less time. For classes that are presented in video format, or online courses presented live, the actual time of the video or presentation is counted as the amount of CE time.

Less than 30 minutes of the course completed = Full Refund (if enrolled 30 days or less).
30 minutes or more completed = No Refund
a. A completed course (we also do not issue partial refunds for a partially completed course)
b. A course that underwent a price change
c. A course you have been enrolled in for 30+ days regardless of how much or little has been completed
d. For further questions, please select “Contact”.

You will not be able to proceed beyond the test until you pass it. But don’t worry, the tests are easy and you’ll have unlimited tries.