So, You Want to be a Teacher | 4 CE Contact Hours

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This is an introductory class for those who desire to teach massage, as an instructor in entry-level massage school, an online educator, a CE provider, or as a community educator. It takes more than being a good massage therapist to be a good instructor. You’ll get all kinds of tips for creating a teaching experience that will benefit both you and your students.

At the conclusion of this course, the learner will be able to:

  • Define pedagogy and and andragogy and how they apply to learning.
  • Identify the elements of a taxonomy and how they apply to learning.
  • Identify the knowledge and skills that are necessary to effective teaching adult learners.
  • Describe the differences of the cognitive, affective, and psychomotor domains and how they apply to learning.
  • Define learning objectives in measurable terms.
  • Create (or teach someone else’s creation) a class that will satisfy the learning objectives.
  • Make learning fun and interesting to students.
  • Describe the different teaching options available to prospective instructors.
  • Draw on class evaluations and complete a self-inventory of strengths and weaknesses to help create a personal development plan for improvement.
  • List the reasons to stay current with knowledge and teaching materials.
  • Identify where to locate the necessary steps and documentation required by state boards for entry-level and CE instructors and the NCBTMB for CE instructors.
  • Identify the components of effective classroom management.
  • Identify resources for further training in becoming an effective teacher.