Massage Enhancements Your Clients Will Love | 6 CE Contact Hours

Massage enhancements are mini spa services designed to enhance your clients massage experience, provide a variety of added benefits for your clients, and increase your income!

Some massage enhancements can be added seamlessly into your client’s regular massage time and some will add a few minutes to the total service time. Which ones you choose to offer will depend on how you book your services. It is easy to start with just a couple of enhancements and add more to your menu as you invest in different products and learn to market them.

In this course you will find detailed supply lists, instructions, product resources, sample menu wording, marketing ideas, and quick notes for each enhancement. The quick notes are designed to be printed, and kept on hand in your massage room for reference. You will be able to explain the benefits of each enhancement to your clients, and start selling these services!

A few basic supplies and equipment are needed for almost all of the enhancement services. Extra towels and washcloths (the softer the better), a hot towel warmer (also called a cabi), treatment products (you can buy or make your own), and essential oils. If you don’t have a warmer, a small roaster can be used. Just be sure to keep it heated to just 120-130 degrees, and ALWAYS check any towels and washcloths for a comfortable temperature before applying to your client’s skin. Practice each enhancement at least three times before you offer it to a paying client. This way you can be sure to work out any glitches in your setup and procedure.

Enhancements can also be used as Thank You and Birthday gifts for clients, this can save you from having to offer discounts on your regular services. Just add a complementary enhancement and you have a nice new client offer or
monthly special. Several enhancements can be combined to create unique spa services for your business.

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