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Did you know that the most common reasons massage clients don’t come back to a massage therapist have nothing to do with the massage? It’s true! Usually it’s small details that were overlooked or they were simply not invited back. Don’t let your clients leave unhappy or wondering what they should do. You are the expert!

This is a two week e-course with 10 content rich lessons that include video tutorials, reading materials, and downloadable worksheets. You will learn how to:

  • Earn more money while serving your clients from the heart. When we can make recommendations based on what we think is truly the best for our clients and set aside our limiting beliefs about money that is when we really succeed.
  • Turn your clients into raving fans that refer, rebook and can’t wait until their next appointment.
  • Kick old beliefs to the curb and learn exactly what to say, when recommending service and treatment plans to clients.
  • Effective professional consultation techniques that make clients feel heard and re-booking a breeze.
  • Customize all of the materials to your personality, and business.
  • Small important actions you can take during the treatment to make sure your clients are 100% comfortable and relaxed. Plus, details that will set you apart from other therapists, and turn any room into a luxurious spa!

How to suggest products ethically and successfully. Did you know that clients return to businesses where they purchased a product more frequently?

To create the abundance you dreamed about when you began your massage career.

Mindset practices to attract your ideal clients and up level your income

  • It doesn’t matter if you work for yourself or someone else these skills will increase your income, and help you to help more people.

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