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Add full-length spa services to your wellness practice.

Even if you don’t currently run your own business, these services can help you land a better job, or earn more where you currently work. Imagine more variety in your day, giving your body a break from deep tissue massage, and bigger paychecks!

You may be thinking, that you’ve tried doing spa services, but nobody really books them! I know how you feel, and this can happen for several reasons. You may not be offering the right services for your clients, or you may need help with exactly how to position and SELL your spa services.

Learn New Services, Create Your Plan, Implement & Grow Your Business!

Video Spa Classes Includes:

  • Easy Natural No-Shower Body Wraps using aloe, herbs, and essential oils. 
  • Skin Smoothing Body Scrubs, and no mess exfoliation with a body brush or loofah. 
  • Rejuvenating Face and Scalp Massage Treatments 
  • Specialty Services for Hands and Feet 
  • In addition to the videos, you will receive a printable step-by-step workbook for each service. Workbooks include a supply checklist, complete service protocol, and educational material on benefits and contraindications.

Business Lessons Include:

  • Pricing for Profits Workshop
  • Service Menu Creation & Swipe Files
  • Marketing and Creating Specials
  • Start NOW, learning the new skills that you will use for the rest of your career
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