Welcome! If you have not yet created your account to be a CE Provider with LMTce, click on Registration (below on the right). After completing the registration, you will be contacted by our Director of Education, who will assist you in getting your instructor account set-up and the classes on our website. We look forward to hosting your classes!

If you have questions before signing up with LMTce, scroll down to see our FAQ for CE Providers.

FAQ for CE Providers

We value the Instructor’s effort in preparing the courses and split 50/ 50 (50% of the course fee payable to the Instructor on each of their course sold) 

LMTce has a inhouse Demo Video Tutorial teaching the Instructor’s on how to set-up their own courses in the LMTce E-learning portal. LMTce uses LearnDash LMS, and we also will assist you in setting up the courses in the case if you need any assistance! 

LMTce utilizes the latest robust Learning Management System, LearnDash. We also provide an in-house Demo Video walking through the new Instructor’s on how to set up their courses with the minimal effort. 

No, we do not require exclusivity. You are free to sell your classes wherever you choose.

We will deposit your payment into your PayPal account ever month within the first week (on the sale made the previous month). 

Your payment will be deposited by the first week of each month for the classes that were sold the previous month.

If your income from LMTce exceeds $600 in any year, you will be provided with a W-9 as required by law.

LMTce has an Affiliate Program which allows the Affiliate to earn 5% on each of the Instructor introduced, and their courses sold each time.  

LMTce has a dedicated Instructor DashBoard which displays the info of the courses sold, student info & commission earned. In addition, Instructor receives an E-mail when each of their courses are sold in the LMTce E-learning portal.