The Return to Normal

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What is “normal,” anyway? Does it just mean B.C.–Before Covid?

Massage therapists went about their business, doing intakes, seeing clients, changing the table, checking them out and rescheduling. We didn’t wear masks. We didn’t ask clients to wear masks, or ask them if they had been traveling or exposed to anyone who tested positive in the past two weeks. We thought changing the sheets between clients was the only thing that was necessary as far as “cleaning” between clients. Of course the room got vacuumed as needed, the bathroom got scrubbed and the trash got emptied at the end of the day.

Then COVID came along and it became necessary to disinfect everything a client could touch in between every appointment, from the door knobs to the table in the massage room where they left their jewelry, to the front desk and the pen they used. It required scheduling extra time in between appointments.

Some of us got vaccinated. Some of us didn’t. Some of us were diligently masked. Some of us were offended at our “personal rights” being violated and didn’t wear them at all. Some of us lost friends and family members to the virus. Some of us got it ourselves.

The news is currently focused on a lot of other world events besides COVID. Does that mean things are back to “normal”?

Those of us who are massage therapists are in the business of helping people feel better. It’s a rewarding job. It makes us feel good when we know we’ve made someone else feel good.

We are obligated to do certain things in order to remain licensed as a massage therapist. One of those things is taking continuing education. LMTce is here to help. There are still a lot of states that are allowing all CE hours to be done online. All regulated states allow at least a portion of CE to be done online. While live classes are great for getting together and enjoying the comradery among our peers, LMTce is proud that we were at the forefront of offering online CE back in 2009, and we’re still at it. It’s our “normal.” We are constantly working to bring on new instructors and new classes. We appreciate all the students who take our classes. We’re always happy to hear from you.

May 2022 be more normal for us all.